We are doing a lot of educational effort. See the following tutorials and study Digital Signal Processing!!
(1) How to see spectrums and filter signals
  • A tutorial by using DSPLinks.
  • How to handle FFT and filters.
(2) How to reduce ham noises
  • See how the frequency of the noise is.
  • What kind of filter to use.
(3) Variety of IIR Filters and their characteristics
  • Butterworth, Chebychev and Inverse Chebychev type.
  • See the difference of these three.
(4) Variety of FIR Filters and their characteristics
  • Window Function and Remez Algorithm.
  • See how to set parameters.
(5) Let's design Envelope Detector!!
  • How to see the trend of data.
  • How to handle data in a text file.
(6) Execute FFT on FIR's Impulse Response
  • FIR filter's impulse response, spectrum and frequency response.
  • See how they are related.
(7) Execute FFT on IIR's Impulse Response
  • IIR filter's impulse response, spectrum and frequency response.
  • How to transfer IIR filters to FIR.
(8) Variety of Window Function and their merits/demerits
  • See some type of Windows Functions.
  • See proper use of each function.
(9) Moving Average on Stock Chart (Part1)
  • See how M.A. acts.
  • See how to make it.
(10) Moving Average on Stock Chart (Part2)
  • How to analyze a chart by FFT.
  • How a digital filter changes the spectrum.
(11) The Basis of Down Sampling
  • What to do before decimation.
  • How the spectrum changes.
(12) The Basis of Over Sampling
  • Interpolator to increase FS.
  • Remove unnecessary frequencies.
(13) Can you hear the Effect of Phase Shift??
  • An experiment of the phase shift.
  • How does it sound like??
(14) Let's design AM Modulator
  • Use a multiplier for AM modulation.
(15) Let's design AM Demodulator (1)
  • The way to take absolute value to demodulate.
(16) Let's design AM Demodulator (2)
  • The way to use a multiplier to demodulate.
(17) Try to quantize a signal
  • See how SNR changes by quantization.
(18) Try to quantize coefficients
  • See how characteristics changes by quantization.
(19) Quantization on Over Sampling
  • Relationship between quantized signal and coefficients.
(20) Dynamic execution of filters by using Line In/Out
  • Real-Time filtering through PC's sound card.
(21) Dynamic AM demodulation by Line IN/OUT
  • Real-Time demodulation through PC's sound card.
(22) How to quantize coeffs that has low cutoff
  • Increasing bits to quantize coefficients boots up the resolution higher.
(23) How to quantize coefficients which exceed 1.0
  • Decrease the resolution to quantize coefficients in this case.
(24) There are two type of expression for IIR filters
  • Be careful of polarity of b1 and b2
  • Many beginners make mistakes at this point
(25) How to implement IIR filter into dsPIC
  • Use DSPLinks to generate coefficients
  • You need to switch some coefficients
  • And need to change some polarities
(26) How to implement FIR filter into dsPIC
  • Use DSPLinks to generate and quantize coefficients.
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