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  • Put coefficients of IIR filter.
  • Calculate its frequency response.
  • Put text data as input of the filter.
  • See how the input is filtered.
  • FIR version of the applet above.
  • Design Low Shelve, High Shelve, Peaking, Notch filters.
  • See the characteristics.
  • Get coefficients.
  • Design equalizers by Window Function Algorithm.
  • See the characteristics.
  • Get coefficients.
  • Put text data as input of FFT.
  • Calculate spectrum.
  • See which frequency is dominant.
  • Generate sine, cosine, square and triangle waves.
  • Quantize the data.
  • Drag and Drop CR components.
  • Double-click to change parameters.
  • See the response of CR Filters.
  • Put Laplace transfer function.
  • Get Step and Impulse response.
  • Calculate polynomial roots up to 6th order.
  • Complex roots.
  • Plot the function on X-Y plate.
  • Focus servo of CD's pickup.
  • PD control.
  • This contents is for e-learning.
  • Hamming, Hanning, Blackman, Blackman-Harris or Bartlett Window.
  • Quantize them in bin, dec or hex.

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