This is Online Help for DSPLinks.

*.WAV could not be found when you choose "Tools" -> "Save Wave" on the menu by using WAVOUT. Or *.TXT could not be found when you choose "Tools" -> "Save Text" on the menu by using TXTOUT.

(1) Saved to different directory.
Please try following. Double-click on WAVOUT then "Parts Attribute" dialog appears. And click "Change Parameters" on it then "WAVOUT Parameters" dialog appears.

Click "Change Output File" on it then "Save As" dialog appears. Please check the directory is the one you want or not. Setting the *.WAV again is better to solve this problem.

(2) The media is Read Only.
Please check the directory's attribute.

(3) Your machine does not have the directory.
This may occur when you copy *.DE2 and *.NET, those are schematic and netlist file, from other machine. For instance, source machine's directory is C:\Applications\DSPLinks but destination's directory is C:\Program Files\DSPLinks, in this case you need to set the *.WAV again.

(4) Using Windows Vista
Old version of DSPLinks does not support Windows Vista. Please install the latest one. v.1.55 provisionally supports Vista.


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