Sample Schematics - DIGITALFILTER.COM
Try some sample schematics for DSPLinks!!
(1) Filter square wave and make sine wave
(2) Reduce ham noise on the conversation
(3) Envelope Detector
(4) Save generated signals into Wave or Text files
(5) Convert a Wave file to a Text file
(6) Convert a Text file to a Wave file
(7) Down Sampling Filter
(8) Over Sampling Filter
(9) Adder, Subtracter, Multiplier and Delay
(10) See the spectrum of various signals (1)
(11) See the spectrum of various signals (2)
(12) Volume Up Wave Files
(13) Let's make your original Wave files!!
(14) Let's create a text file of sine wave in integers
(15) Generate random signal with 0 and 1

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