Bugs and Revisions of DSPLinks Web Edition
This is information about DSPLinks.

Revision : v1.64
Released : 31/Aug/2013
Bug fixed : Sometimes SIGGEN(Signal Generator) shows some glitches when Triangle Wave is selected. It's fixed.
Bug fixed : Files of IIR coefficients shows wrong spell, "buiquad" -> "biquad".
New feature : On frequency response window, when X-axis is LOG scale, users can set the start frequency so that, you can see from very low frequency.

Revision : v1.63
Released : 27/Apr/2009
Bug fixed : Fixed "manifest" for Windows Vista.

Revision : v1.62
Released : 03/Apr/2009
Bug fixed : Eliminate redundant IIR filter information when they are saved into a file.
Bug fixed : Quantization is set to "15" in default for IIR filters.
New feature : Has become "Web Edition" from this version.

Revision : v1.61
Released : 24/Oct/2008
Bug fixed : Fixed NET generation for Windows Vista.
Bug fixed : Changed how to warn missing coefficients for FIRFIL, IIRFIL and BIQUAD8.

Revision : v1.60
Released : 21/Oct/2008
New feature: Two new components (LINEIN/LINEOUT) are added for Real-Time filtering by using PC's sound card.

Revision : v1.59
Released : 5/Jun/2008
New feature: Add up to 8192 for the FFT point of FFTMON.
Bug fixed: Decrease the flicker of spectrum when "Normal" mode is selected for FFTMON.
Removed: "Spectrograph" mode is removed.

Revision : v1.58
Released : 17/Mar/2008
New feature: Add "Gain Offset" for the scale of filters' frequency response.

Revision : v1.57
Released : 2/Feb/2008
Bug fixed : Adjust the length of WAVIN, TXTIN or SIGGEN when two sources with two different lengths go to ADDER or SUBTR.

Revision : v1.56
Released : 31/Aug/2007
New feature : Draw Log-scale lines when Log mode is selected for frequency response or FFT characteristics.
New feature : Assert a warning when the tap count for FIRFIL exceeds 400.

Revision : v1.55
Released : 2/Jul/2007
New feature : Embed "manifest" for Windows Vista user. Put administrator privileges when DSPLinks starts.
New feature : Assert a message box when TXTOUT fails to save a file.


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